Come Diwali, Vodafone will be offering free incoming calls on roaming within India


If you have a Vodafone SIM card then within India you will get free incoming calls on roaming. Normally you have to pay when you are roaming and you get incoming calls (although you don’t need to pay for incoming calls  within your own circle and within your own city). This Vodafone offer will begin on October 30, 2016 on the day of Diwali.

According to Sandeep Kataria, Directed Commercial, Vodafone India, “Even though outgoing charges while roaming had become comparable to home charges, consumer research has shown that incoming charges while roaming have been a hindrance to worry free usage.”

Although for the time being the Reliance Jio service is quite bad when it comes to making calls, the free voice telephony across the country till December 30, 2016 by Reliance Jio has been pinching various telecom companies. Many consumers have switched, and to stop further outflow telecom companies like Vodafone and Airtel are coming up with new policies that may not match the “free” of Reliance Jio, but would certainly make switching to Jio not worth the effort.

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