Does closing apps on your smartphone help you save battery? Not necessarily

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A few days ago one of the Apple employees revealed that shutting down or closing your apps does not help to save battery of your iPhone. This Wired article says that this is true for every smartphone whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device. The algorithm of the smartphone whether it is an iPhone or an Android phone, is built in such a manner that it optimizes the battery usage no matter how many apps you have opened. Closing down apps, says Hiroshi Lockheimer, VP Engineering, Android, not just doesn’t help you save battery, it may also prove counter-productive. This is what he tweeted:

When you’re not using your smartphone apps, they aren’t consuming much battery. Your operating system has its own way of finding out how particular apps should react. It automatically puts those apps in dormant condition/mode which are not actively being used.

Apps that are constantly fetching data from the Internet do consume battery because they are constantly being processed. So in order to save battery on your smartphone instead of closing the app, switch off its ability to constantly fetch data from the Internet. For example, in your email app you can switch off auto-syncing. You can “mute” particular groups on WhatsApp if it isn’t important to get constant updates from those groups. You can set Twitter to not to fetch live updates. You can switch off syncing from the settings. You can also stop location services on your smartphone because they take up lots of battery life. Why keep your smartphone screen so bright always? Let it set itself automatically or reduce the brightness manually to save battery.

So you can see there are many ways you can save battery of your smartphone and closing down apps isn’t one of them.

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