Clearer and crisper video chatting on Google Hangouts but apps being removed?

Crisper and clearer video chatting in google hangouts

Would you like to have a clearer and crisper video chatting experience on Google Hangouts? Google is rolling out new updates for the web-based Google Hangouts to make your video chatting experience lifelike and sharp by rendering images and having a streamlined interface. According to this Google + post the key changes are

  • Your calls will start faster
  • Once started, your video chatting will stay clearer and crisper
  • High-quality video
  • More streamlined and immersive full-screen interface
  • A simpler way to invite friends and family to your calls

Before you get all excited, it’s also been mentioned in the post that these new features aren’t available to everybody. Although they will soon be available to people from all the countries, right now these features are gradually being rolled out to a small group of Google Hangouts users.

In the present version of Google Hangouts video chatting there is an ability to use on-screen apps like putting hats and moustaches on the faces of people doing video chatting. This has been a great hit among the kids as experienced by this writer himself. Sadly, according to this Google + post, this feature may be on its way out.

Is Google Hangouts moving towards minimalism? It remains to be seen. Normally good features are not removed but when it comes to making a choice between having a sharper, crisper video chatting interface and using different bells and whistles while chatting, people will obviously go for a sharper and crisper interface. Again, it depends on your choice.

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