How to Clear Cookies in Safari in Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Lion


Cookies are generated by browsers and are sent to your system hard disk to store your browsing information so that it can help your browser access necessary information with ease. Over time these cookies generate in large volume and start creating issues for your system. In some cases, cookies are also there to watch your online activities and other browsing activities, which are called malicious cookies. Knowing the limitation of cookies in your system it sounds sensible to delete these cookies from your system on a regular interval. Read this tutorial to know cookies well and how you can clear cookies in Safari in Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Lion.

What are Cookies: Cookies (also called web cookies, Internet cookies, HTTP cookies, browser cookies) are a small piece of data which is sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer system by the user’s web browser during browsing. Cookies were designed to store stateful information of the user or to store the user’s browsing activities.

How they generate: Cookies are generated when a new web page is loaded and during your other browsing activities. In some browsers, each cookie is stored as a small file and in some, cookies are stored in a single file located in the browser’s Profile folder.

How it works: The main task of a cookie on your system is to identify the user and prepare customized Web pages or to save website login information for future. A Web server contains no memory itself thus the hosted website you are visiting generally transfers a small data in the form of cookie file of the browser to your computer’s hard disk. It is sent so that the website can remember your information and preferences. It enables your Web server to use this information to serve more customized web pages to you in future. For, example, you may see a welcome page of a website with your name instead of the generic web page.

What Information does a Cookie store: Primarily a Cookie will contain a string of text that involves information about the browser you use. It doesn’t require to remember your identity as its first task is to remember your browser. Cookies include six parameters to store information:

  • The name of the cookie
  • Value of the cookie
  • The expiration date of the cookie, to ascertain its life period in your browser.
  • The path the cookie is valid for. This sets the URL path for the cookie.
  • The domain of the cookie is valid for. It allows cookies to access multiple pages on any of the servers.
  • The need for a secure connection. This will help run cookie in a secure server condition such as a website using SSL.

How to clear Cookies: Though not all Cookies are bad but deleting them on regular intervals is advisable. Here are 4 simple step to clear cookies from your system. You can use these steps to improve your browsing experience and to improve startup disk performance.

  • Click on Safari in the toolbar on the top of the screen.
  • Go to Preference and select Privacy.
  • Click on button “Remove All Website Data” under “Cookies and other website data”.
  • When a dialogue box prompts, click on Remove Now.

You can also follow this route go to Safari > Preferences > Security > Show Cookies and search for site specific or all cookies and click Done to remove cookies effortlessly.

Clearing cookies on regular intervals can help you recover some storage space and it can help you secure your system from unwanted intervention. You can enhance your browsing experience using above mentioned simple steps. Apart of this you can use best Mac cleaner apps to clean your Mac effortlessly.

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