Chromebooks are selling more in the US than Macs and what does it tell you?


In a surprising piece of news it has been revealed that in the Q1 Chromebooks sold more than Macs in the US. The data from IDC was shared during a session at Google’s I/O developer conference, according to this 9To5Google link.

In its April 2016 report, IDC had estimated that Apple might have sold 1.8 billion Macs, making it the fourth biggest PC seller in the US as well as worldwide. Dell sells more pieces than Apple, HP sells more pieces than Dell and Lenovo sells more pieces than HP.

So if Chromebooks have sold more than Macs, it means 1.8 million or more Chromebooks were sold in Q1, which is a big jump.

Chromebooks, in case you don’t know, use the Chrome OS. The Chrome OS is basically an extension of the Chrome browser that you have right now. It’s like, since most of the time you’re using your computer or PC to work on the Internet, why go through the nitty-gritty of having an operating system and other paraphernalia when you are rarely going to use it? When was it the last time you used an application installed on your desktop? You will be surprised to know that millions of people launch their browser the moment their PC starts and then they never shut down their browser.

Here is the video (a bit old) that explains the concept behind the Chrome OS

So what does Chromebooks selling more than Macs tell you?

The IDC report says that Chromebooks are primarily selling more than Macs in the US. Why is it so? It’s because connectivity is good. This is why, in countries where connectivity is not as good as in the US, Chromebooks are not selling more than Macs for that matter, any other PC or laptop.

Another thing that Chromebooks selling more than Macs tells is that more and more people are being open to centering their all PC-based activities around the web. They don’t mind not having to install any desktop application. Whether they’re working on documents, videos or images, they don’t use conventional desktop applications. Everything is cloud-based. You do word processing on the cloud. You do image editing on the cloud. You store all your files in the cloud.

Chromebooks are also selling more than Macs because they are very light weight. Since your PC or laptop does not require an operating system it doesn’t need a big hard drive and other resource-hungry components. The moment you press the start button, your PC fires up and you’re ready to go.

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