Chrome OS and Android will be merged or combined

Chrome OS and Android merged or combined

Android is one of the most widely used operating systems on mobile devices. Chrome OS is an Internet based operating system that does not depend on local installation. They are both from Google. The company has plans to merge or combine both these operating systems and turn them into one single operating system. According to this Wall Street Journal report (you will need to sign in in order to read), for two years Google has been working to merge Chrome OS and Android and create a unified operating system that is expected to be officially released in 2017. Although there is a possibility of an early version being released in 2016.

Does Google want to combine Chrome OS and Android into a single operating system and offer it as conventional operating system like Windows or iOS or will it stick to the original philosophy of the Chrome OS – making everything web-based and eliminating the use of local hard drives and software installations.

Google basically would like to get as many people as possible into the Google Play Store ecosystem. Most of the Android devices are already hooked into the system but PCs and laptops are not. For serious work people still use PCs and laptops. Chrome OS doesn’t give a feel of an actual operating system and Android hasn’t made an inroad into PCs and laptops. Chrome OS works well on PCs and laptops and Android has a thriving content system comprising of apps, books, music and movies. Combined, they can bring the best of both the worlds to the company as well as consumers.

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