Children in Morocco want to end the ban on Skype and WhatsApp calls

WhatsApp and Skype calling banned in Morocco
WhatsApp and Skype calling banned in Morocco

So if you are in Morocco you cannot make calls on Skype and WhatsApp. In Morocco, Skype and WhatsApp calls are banned and the children of the country want the ban to be lifted, according to this Quartz news report.

Actually it is not just making calls from Skype and WhatsApp that have been banned in Morocco, every sort of VoIP calling is banned. But is it really children who are campaigning against the ban on making Skype and WhatsApp calls? Not necessarily. Why would 2-year-old kids want to make calls using Skype and WhatsApp? They are just being used to make the campaign more touching. It’s very difficult to say no to kids.

Why would Morocco ban Skype and WhatsApp calls? The reason can be technical/bureaucratic as well as human-rights -related. According to the official statement, Skype and WhatsApp calls are banned because the companies providing free VoIP calls don’t have the required licenses. Although major telecommunication companies like Meditel have publicly made it clear that they never approached the government to ban VoIP calling facilities, people are drawing their own conclusions because in most of the countries, it’s the telecoms and the carriers that mostly object to people being able to make free calls using instant messaging services like Skype, WhatsApp and Viber. For example, WhatsApp was banned in Brazil recently because the telecommunications companies complained to the government that they were losing revenue due to this.

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