No more cheap mobile phones from Xiaomi?

Premium mobile phones from Xiaomi
Premium mobile phones from Xiaomi

The Chinese electronics company Xiaomi is known for selling cheap mobile phones and tablets and these days in countries like India, is giving mobile phone companies trying to sell cheap mobile phones like Micromax a run for their money. According to this CNET report, Xiaomi has made more than 40 billion dollars by selling midrange and cheap mobile phones like Redmi Note 3 and tablets like Mi Pad.

Interesting thing about the cheap mobile phones from Xiaomi is that although they are lower-priced, the specifications of these mobile phones and tablets are the same that you find in premium mobile phones and tablets from companies like Samsung and HTC. Although the look and feel is of cheaper phones, I must add.

But the “cheap mobile phones” tag has begun to affect Xiaomi’s prospects of competing with prestigious brands like Apple and Huawei, its main competitors in China. When people think of Xiaomi, they think of cheap mobile phones. This is a reputation Xiaomi wouldn’t like to tag along for a long time.

According to Xiaomi’s International Vice President Hugo Barra, the Xiaomi customers are demanding premium products and hence, Xiaomi is going to give them expensive mobile phones and tablets.

It’s not like Xiaomi hasn’t been manufacturing and marketing expensive mobile phones; it’s just that, this fact isn’t as much highlighted as the fact that the company mostly sells cheap and mid-range mobile phones and tablets.

This is actually a good strategy. In a world where the demand for mobile phones is exploding, it makes sense to first offer cheaper, or rather affordable mobile phones and create your presence. As I have mentioned above, cheaper mobile phone companies like Xiaomi have reduced the market for Micromax by nearly 50%. The brand is known within India and to an extent, the products are quite decent compared to other brands. I have never had a good experience with Micromax but the one Xiaomi tablet that I purchased more than a year ago has been serving me quite well.

So if and when Xiaomi starts offering premium mobile phones and tablets I’m pretty sure the market is going to welcome them.

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