Charts that show how addicted Americans are to their mobile phone apps

charts that show that Americans are addicted to their mobile phone apps
charts that show that Americans are addicted to their mobile phone apps

Research charts show that more and more Americans are addicted to their mobile phone apps. Actually, who isn’t addicted to mobile phone apps? When people say that they are addicted to their mobile phones, it isn’t exactly the mobile phones they are addicted to, they are addicted to the scores of apps they have installed to accomplish various tasks, whether it is posting images on Instagram and WhatsApp, posting updates on Twitter and Facebook, finding new dates on Tinder or banking on the go, using something like the Cashfloat mobile app. There are apps for anything and everything these days. So basically, it’s the apps that rule the roost when it comes to people being addicted to their mobile phones. And with something like 5G technology that would improve any mobile phone, it comes as no surprise that the use of phones increases.

Mobile phone apps like Facebook Messenger want you to do everything within the app. As described in this Quartz post, it has chatbots that enable you to book flights, call cabs, sort out your parking tickets, and even order your favourite pizza from Pizza Hut using a Facebook Messenger chatbot. So if you’re doing hundreds of things using your Facebook Messenger (just for example) just imagine how much you must be using your mobile phone apps for your day-to-day needs. Even if you’re using your mobile phone apps just to accomplish necessary tasks, the times you may end up using your mobile apps may indicate that you are addicted to your mobile phone apps.

According to the latest comScore report, Americans are spending almost 50% of the time on spend on interacting with digital media, on using their mobile phone apps. In the past two years there has been an increase of almost 41% in the time being spent on using mobile phone apps. Whether Americans are addicted or not depends on for what purpose they are using their mobile phone apps.

What do the charts mentioned in the above comScore report tell? Are people in America really addicted to their mobile phone apps or is it just that for many tasks they are repeatedly using their mobile phone apps? It’s all about semantics. Being addicted to something means you cannot do without that particular activity and that particular activity you are addicted to may also be harmful. The use of mobile phone apps can be harmful if you’re wasting lots of your time and you are also neglecting your responsibilities. But if you’re using mobile phone apps to accomplish important tasks it doesn’t mean that you are addicted to them, it is just that you have to repeatedly use your mobile apps.

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