You can zoom Instagram images now both in Android and iOS

zoom images in Instagram in Android
zoom images in Instagram in Android

The ability to zoom images in Instagram has already been available in iOS for some time but now in some cases you can zoom Instagram images even in Android. The ability to zoom images is available practically in every image-handling app and software but somehow up till now it was not available in Instagram.

According to recent updates, as described in this Android Police update, the zooming facility in Instagram was to be made available just for iOS in the beginning, but many Android users have reported that they can also zoom images in Instagram.

You still cannot zoom Instagram images in Android? This zooming feature isn’t available everywhere and it is a server-side capability. Even if you download the apk file straight away the zooming feature will not be available to you unless it is directly updated through the Instagram servers. So you will have to exercise patience but very soon, you will be able to zoom your Instagram images.

Here is a cute update from Instagram about the zooming facility available in the image sharing app.

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