Can your smart phones be really made waterproof with Impervious Spray?

Impervious Spray

Just came across this video on YouTube that claims to make your smart phone waterproof whether it is an Android device or an iPhone, Does this really work?


The way they are pouring water and other stuff on the phone and the way it is being thrown into different liquids (grossly, even into the pot) it seems quite convincing although I wonder what about the openings in the phone, doesn’t the water get inside through these openings, for instance the Speaker or the charging dock and elsewhere?

Sony a while ago launched the Xperia series (in Indian ads they showed Katrina Kaif submerging the phone in water repeatedly) that is known to be water and dust resistant. Somehow it seems feasible when the phone comes from the vendor because maybe they have made the phone in such a manner that the water doesn’t enter. Even the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 is known to be water resistant. Most of these smart phones are quite expensive and it would really suck if you dropped an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy phone into water or got drenched in rain, rendering the phone useless.

I wonder if people bought the Sony Xperia phones just because it is known to be waterproof or people are swayed by the operating system (Android or iOS), the looks and the brand status. Here is a list of 8 waterproof Android phones at Digital Trends

This product too, just like InkCase Plus, is being funded through KickStarter and if you go to the link you will notice that they have already raised $ 54,762, although it isn’t much in business sense.

As the video shows, you simply have to spray the phone with the liquid that comes in the bottle and you are ready to go. It is not clear that the can of the spray that costs $ 29.95 is just one time use or you can repeatedly use it. What if you have multiple iPhones? The spray can for the iPads and other bigger tablets cost a bit more. The website of the company says:

Impervious is an invisible nano spray with molecules 1000x smaller than a human hair with super-hydrophobic properties. When applied externally to your device, Impervious protects against spill damage and screen scratching. When fully applied to the outer & inner components of your device, Impervious is classified as IPX 7. We currently only offer full waterproofing kits for the iPhone 5, 5s and 6. When applied, your device can be submerged in (1) meter or (3) feet of water for up to 30 minutes (We do NOT recommend).

It says that the Impervious (the name of the spray and the company) brain needs to be applied to the outer as well as inner components. So maybe that’s why the phone cannot be spoilt through the microphone openings and other such openings.

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