Can you use PayTM without Internet connection or mobile data connection?

you can use PayTM without Internet connection or mobile data connection

The biggest gripe against services like PayTM is that you need a smartphone and an Internet connection or a mobile data connection in order to use them. The online payment service seems to have addressed this problem and now you can use PayTM without an Internet connection. You don’t even need a smartphone to use PayTM. If you can call from your mobile phone you can use PayTM whether you are a merchant or a customer.

Do you need an Internet connection in order to register with PayTM?

Yes you do. The same process applies that everybody has been using. You either have to go to their website to register yourself –, or you need to use the app to register yourself. Once you have registered you have to call to their toll-free number 180018001234 and set your four-digit PayTM PIN (personal identification number). This is they call “PayTM account on call”.

You will need to call this toll-free number from your registered mobile phone. You will get a call back and you will be given a PIN.

How do you use PayTM without Internet connection or mobile data connection?

Once you have registered, from your registered mobile phone, you have to dial their toll-free number 180018001234. An automated system starts that instructs you to type in the phone number of the recipient, then the amount and then your PIN.

Although this solves the problem of using PayTM without Internet connection or without mobile data connection, you still need Internet connection to register yourself. This pretty much defeats the purpose of using the service without an Internet connection. The company needs to work out a way for people to register without Internet connection, maybe through text message commands and if that can be complicated for some people, then simply by calling.

People should also be able to register themselves by visiting the outlets (if it isn’t already happening). PayTM can open up small kiosks (just the way people buy Sim cards by paying money) where people can register themselves and then recharge the accounts without needing an Internet connection.

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