You can use PayTM Recurring Payments to run a subscription service now


Despite its monetary limitations PayTM is a great way of accepting quick payments from your customers and clients. Recently a couple of my clients paid me using PayTM in a jiffy. Previously I had to send them my bank details and that would take a couple of days. Now all they have to do is enter my phone number and bingo, the payment is in my account.

PayTM has also now started a Recurring Payments service, according to this Inc42 update that I just received in my inbox. This allows you to manage automatic digital subscriptions. For example, if you are providing a service for which your customers have to pay you a fixed amount every month or every week, or even every day, you can set it up using PayTM.

In order to integrate the Recurring Payment service into your existing system you will have to use the PayTM API. Major services like FoodPanda and BookMyShow have already started using this new PayTM service to accept recurring payments.

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