You can use Microsoft Teams if you are using Office365

Microsoft Teams comes with Office365
Microsoft Teams comes with Office365

Microsoft Teams is now available to all the users of Office365. Microsoft Teams, as you may have already read, is a Slack alternative. A public preview of the collaboration tool was released back in November, 2016. Right now, it is available to 85 million monthly active users of Office365, according to this TechCrunch update. It is being considered as a potential Slack killer.

Microsoft Teams is an office collaboration tool on the lines of project management services like Slack, Asana and even Basecamp. Such services are a bit more than group chat interfaces. It allows you to create projects and then interact with your team members. On top of that, there is an option for voice enabled Microsoft Teams but choosing a solution that fits your business is important if you want to do this. There are many project -related functions, for instance, scheduling meetings, that you can perform without leaving Team’s interface.

You will be able to integrate your current project management tools and applications like Asana, Yammer and Hootsuite with Microsoft Teams.

Is Microsoft Teams really a Slack killer? It isn’t always necessary that whenever a bigger company launches a product or a service that is already being provided by a smaller company, it’s the smaller company that suffers. In the conventional sense, yes, the bigger company has an advantage. For example, why would people pay extra for Slack when they can use Microsoft Teams for free if they are already using Office365? I stopped using both Google Drive and Dropbox once I started using OneDrive that comes free for your Office365 subscription, and with an irresistible offer to boot. Of course, I had to have some microsoft office training classes once I made the commitment to only use Office because it does function differently but I got the hang of it in no time.

But then again, it depends on what you are actually looking for. For example, Amazon Prime Video comes free to Amazon Prime users, and despite being an Amazon Prime user I hardly use Amazon Prime Video because I’m hooked to Netflix content and I have no plans of switching. Similarly, if there is something that people get in Slack that they don’t get in Microsoft Teams, there is no reason that they should switch.

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