You can unlock your Motorola phone with a digital tattoo

Motorola Digital tattoo

It seems the ability to unlock your phone with as little effort as possible is rapidly becoming a big deal. We saw how a wristband can unlock your phone, and now there is a “digital tattoo” that will unlock your phone the moment you touch it, the phone, not the tattoo. This digital tattoo, an NFC-based skin tag offered by Motorola, is a piece of circuitry that can be attached to your wrist. It comes with the Moto X smart phone. This digital tattoo device is a follow-up to Motorola’s Skip accessory that allowed you to unlock your phone with a single tap. One tattoo, once put on your body part can work up to 5 days and one pack comes with 10 tattoos, on an average costing you $ 1 per tattoo. It means roughly you will be spending $ 80 per year just to unlock your phone. The sticker has been developed by VivaLnk Inc. and Google’s Advanced Technology and Project Group. The adhesive material of the digital tattoo can survive bathing, showering and swimming. Here is a video explaining the entire digital tattoo concept from the official Motorola blog:


The person in the video actually makes sense. It’s always irritating to repeatedly unlock your phone and there must be a way to keep your phone secure but still it is easier to unlock it without the added hassle. Normally you have to draw a pattern or enter a pin in order to unlock your phone, but what if you merely have to touch a particular spot of your body to the phone and the phone gets unlocked? It merely takes a second.

But wearing a dedicated sticker for a single device doesn’t make sense. A good technological idea would be, creating a Smartwatch into which you can feed all the pins of your device no matter what phone or tablet you are using and it automatically unlocks your phone the moment it is brought near the watch. The universal watch can be sold as a separate gadget.


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