Can you really remove Samsung Galaxy J5 bloatware without rooting?


Yesterday I spent a major part of my night trying to remove the bloatware that came with my daughter’s Samsung Galaxy J5 and my wife’s Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. If you are not really hellbent on solving this problem – removing Samsung bloatware – you will be constantly running out of space and you won’t even know what the hell is happening.

The problem I was facing was that I couldn’t even root Samsung Galaxy J5 despite scores of web pages, blog posts and YouTube videos dedicated to the topics like “how to root Samsung Galaxy J5” and “how to remove bloatware in Samsung Galaxy J5 without rooting”. If you can root your Samsung Galaxy J5 (or any other Android phone), they say you can uninstall the bloatware and all those unnecessary apps that come pre-installed.

None of the, and I’m going to repeat, none of the solutions work. So if you are reading this before you have wasted hours applying solutions on these web pages, blog posts and YouTube videos, don’t waste your time (I have already wasted).

After spending 6-7 hours trying out various methods (don’t ask, there are many, and in my particular case, 100% useless), I concluded they have done something nasty to the phone at the system level and you cannot install custom recovery ROMs and you cannot root the damn phone and since you cannot root it, you cannot remove the bloatware by uninstalling the apps you don’t want. So what’s the solution? I called up the Samsung support and sought help.

The guy told me that the apps that are pre-installed cannot be uninstalled. So there is no way I can get rid of the bloatware. He flatly refused to help me root the phone because that is against the company policy. So, what’s the next best thing you can do?

There are 4 things you can do.

  1. Go to Settings and then Applications and tap on a particular app – tap on More and then tap on Uninstall Updates.
  2. Disable the app and even force stop it if you want to.
  3. Do this with all the apps that you feel are needlessly occupying precious space on your mobile phone.
  4. After you’re done, go to Google App Store, go to Settings and turn off the “Automatic Updates” option. From now onwards, the apps on your mobile phone will not be automatically updated.

Since you can have lots of bloatware and as these apps are constantly updated, their size keeps on increasing and as they keep working in the background, they go on generating data and filling up space. By uninstalling the updates and by stopping Android from automatically updating existing apps, you can salvage lots of space.

This is not a perfect solution and I would certainly like a solution that would allow me to remove these bloatware apps whether without rooting or after rooting (and also let me root the Samsung Galaxy J5 phone), but until a solution is found I think this is the next best solution. And these bloatware apps, since the updates are uninstalled and they won’t be allowed to update themselves, they will be occupying further space.

After talking to the Samsung support guy, I was able to free up more than 2 GB of space.

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