You can follow the 2016 Rio Olympics on a Reddit sub-Reddit

follow the 2016 Rio Olympics on Reddit
follow the 2016 Rio Olympics on Reddit

Not satisfied with the way your sports channel is covering the ongoing 2016 Rio Olympics? Although the 2016 Rio Olympics are being covered by almost every broadcasting channel on the planet including TV, streaming service and social networking websites, getting various glimpse of the greatest sporting event on earth is a totally different experience on Reddit. Here is a sub-Reddit totally dedicated to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Why would you follow the 2016 Rio Olympics on a Reddit sub-Reddit instead of watching your favourite TV sports channel? Well, you can, and there is nothing to stop you, but if you want a different experience, more informative, more comprehensive, more unbiased, and with greater interactivity, a social networking website like Reddit is much-better placed than conventional broadcasting channels, I would say, even better than Twitter and Facebook where the timeline is quite fast-moving and threads are easily lost. Although it can get a bit nasty (as it happens in every open platform) following the 2016 Rio Olympics on Reddit is like keeping up with the game in a crowded room of friends and strangers.

Another reason why you would like to follow the 2016 Rio Olympics on Reddit is that you get exposed to the aspects of the game that are normally not available on other platforms. Take for example this GIF of a woman gymnast almost losing her balance on the beam but turning her balancing act into a gymnastic act.


There is a complete scientific analysis of the dynamics of balance beam recovery.

The moment you visit the dedicated Olympics sub-Reddit you get a bird’s eye view of the entire event unfolding. For example, on the right hand sidebar you can see the current medal tally and even the schedule of events. You can also see a list of the ongoing threads. This Mashable blog post explains in detail why it makes more sense to follow the 2016 Rio Olympics on Reddit rather than on conventional channels especially when you are sitting in front of a computer.

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