Can you eat water instead of drinking it?

eat water instead of drinking it
eat water instead of drinking it

Would it be nicer to eat water instead of drinking it? Biodegradable water containers are being made that will allow you to eat water instead of drinking it. They will be much more environmental friendly compared to the plastic bottles that you get these days. The video below shows you how you can eat water instead of drinking it using the latest technology.

As you can see, this biodegradable water container, or rather what a blob, is totally edible. You can just eat it. It is called Ooho and it has been made by Skipping Rocks Lab. This Fast Company post explains how this edible water drinking container is made.

A blob of water is frozen and then coated with a transparent, dual-layer membrane made of brown algae and calcium chloride. That’s it. You have in your hand a blob of water that you can eat, instead of having to drink the water from a plastic bottle. Although, your hands need to be quite clean in order to eat or drink water like that.

The edible water blob isn’t going mainstream in the near future as in its current form it might be quite impractical to carry it along. For now, you’ll be better of reading these handy articles and reviews on some water filters that will help your water taste so much nicer at home. But considering the fact that billions of plastic water bottles are being used all over the world and the sort of environmental impact they are leaving behind, this could be a good step forward. Having edible water bottles that can be sustained within the available packaging modes that are not as environmentally harmful as plastic bottles can be great progress.

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