Why not buy previous generation smartphones and save money?

The FBI wants Apple to facilitate a backdoor entry into an iPhone of a terrorist

It’s not necessary to always go for the latest smartphone when you need to purchase a new smartphone for yourself. It is a misconception that you will be missing something big if you don’t purchase the latest generation smartphone. For example, everything you want to do with an HTC phone that has been released just this year you can also do in its previous version. For example, all the major smartphones being released in 2016 have their previous generations going all the way back to 2012 and 2013.

Recently one of my wife’s nephews purchased an iPhone 4S for just Rs. 9000 (around $135). When my sister purchase it when it was relatively new, she paid around Rs. 45000 (around $670) and she used to complain that it is the worst phone she has ever used.

Whenever someone asks me what phone he or she should buy I ask them whether they need to do something cutting-edge, and if they say they don’t plan to do anything cutting-edge with the phone, unless they just want to throw their money, I always suggest older smartphones for them.

This PhoneArena blog post has reviewed 4 previous generation smartphones that you can purchase much cheaper compared to current generation smartphones.

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