There will be no “Buy” button in Twitter in the near future


Every social networking and instant messaging app eventually wants to sell. This is why, eventually, Twitter was supposed to have a “Buy” button. But Jack Dorsey has disbanded the commerce project that was being developed and now there will be no “Buy” button in Twitter, at least in the near future.

What would a “Buy” button do in Twitter?

Being a platform that brings everybody together and allows people to disseminate their opinions and trolling behavior is one thing, but making money is totally different. By the end of the day, everybody asks, how much are you actually making? This is why, various social networking websites and instant messaging apps are constantly trying to come up with ways to make money, and one of such ways is, allowing people to buy within the stream of messages. Facebook is already encouraging programmers to build apps for the Facebook Messenger ecosystem so that people can directly buy and sell within the messenger.

Suppose a business publishes a promotional tweet. Right now, people have to go to the link mentioned within the tweet and then from the website, they make the purchase. Twitter, in the process, gains nothing.

But if there is a “Buy” button within the Twitter stream, the social networking website will be able to earn a small part of the transaction, or at least this is the idea.

According to this Next Web link Twitter has abandoned the idea of including a “Buy” button within the Twitter timeline, for the time being. The team working on the e-commerce features of Twitter have been moved to other departments.

CEO Jack Dorsey, according to reports, wants to focus on the experience people have on Twitter rather than spreading the effort on multiple channels.

The “Buy” button would sometimes appear on your timeline. The project was started by the former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.

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