Will there be built-in ad blocking in Microsoft Edge

Built-in ad blocking in Microsoft Edge
Built-in ad blocking in Microsoft Edge

Built-in ad blocking is something that many browsers, for example, Mozilla Firefox, are providing these days except for browsers like Google Chrome, obviously because Google makes lots of money with online advertising. A couple of days ago there were rumors that Microsoft Edge is going to have built-in ad blocking. But according to this Mashable link, Microsoft Edge will not be getting built-in ad blocking feature.

Microsoft Edge, you may know, is the default browser that these days comes with Windows 10. It has replaced Internet Explorer that is no longer included in Windows. Up till now there has just been a basic version of Windows Edge. Only recently, add-ons and extensions have been added to Windows Edge.

The rumor happened because of a badly- worded slide. What the slight meant was that there are some extensions available for Microsoft Edge called “AdBlock” and “AdBlock Plus” that will allow people to block ads, but they are not built-in functions.

There is lots of contention over the Internet about whether people should use ad blockers or not. There are many websites that are aggressively discouraging ad blocking, such as the New York Times. On the other hand, you have got the browser named Brave that gives you built-in ad blocking features. Of course above I have already mentioned Mozilla Firefox. Recently Samsung started offering ad blocking within its smartphones but the feature was soon removed because most of the Samsung smartphones use the Android operating system and Android is provided by Google that, in turn, makes lots of money with online advertising.

Microsoft Edge is a decent browser, especially compared to Internet Explorer, but the only problem is that it does not have features that come with advanced browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or even Opera. The extensions and add-ons are still awaited and you cannot have the extra bookmarking bars that are so common in other browsers. So ad blocking or no ad blocking, right now very few people are using Microsoft Edge unless you are totally indifferent about what browser you use.

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