Brazil bans WhatsApp after telcos complain

WhatsApp banned in Brazil

It seems lots of people in Brazil are using WhatsApp to make phone calls and the Brazilian telcos have been complaining that the voice service being offered by the Mobile Instant Messenger is unregulated and illegal.

According to this TechCrunch report about 93 million Internet users in Brazil use WhatsApp and this is like, 93% of the country’s Internet population. Both poor and rich are bypassing one of the most expensive telephone connections plans on the planet in order to communicate with each other using messages and phone calls. In case you are not aware of this, you can use WhatsApp to make phone calls to other WhatsApp users. The only condition is you either need to have a Wi-Fi connection or an Internet data pack, that is, you need to be online in order to be able to make WhatsApp phone calls. In fact, the use of WhatsApp for making phone calls has become so prevalent that many Brazilians are abandoning their cell phone lines.

Right now WhatsApp is being banned in Brazil for just 48 hours but this might be a prelude to a much more sinister development. If the Brazilian conservative Congress gets its way, it may become criminal to post content on social networking websites altogether. This extreme reaction is partly due to the revelations after the Snowden controversy that the American NSA was spying on Brazil.

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