How many bodyguards does Mark Zuckerberg’s mansion have?

Mark Zuckerberg has 16 bodyguards keeping watch on his house
Mark Zuckerberg has 16 bodyguards keeping watch on his house

Right now there are 16 well-trained bodyguards in Mark Zuckerberg’s $7-million Palo Alto, California mansion.

A Page Six report has revealed exactly how many bodyguards Mark Zuckerberg has to protect his mansion and this number is also being equated with the number of pawns in a chess game.

Why does he have so many guards protecting his place? According to sources, many Silicon Valley leaders have been sprucing up their security in the wake of death threats from unstable users of their websites.

Zuckerberg is quite particular about his privacy. Back in 2013, according to news sources, he had purchased four houses around his own house when one of the real estate developers of the area started using his name to sell properties in the neighbourhood.

Although news agencies are taking this security precaution lightly, it makes sense. The world is full of psychopaths and with millions of people knowing you and keeping a tab on your every activity, I think having 16 bodyguards isn’t much of a stretch. With that presence and with those means, I would have more guards protecting my loved ones, and of course myself.

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