Block images on Google Chrome mobile browser

Block images on Google Chrome mobile browser

The latest Google Chrome feature allows you to block images while surfing the Internet on your mobile browser. Google Chrome uses its Data Saver to block the images. Although Internet speed and mobile data packages are not as expensive as they used to be still it matters how fast your mobile browser can load webpages. Images not just make your webpages slower to load they also consume precious real estate on the small mobile screen. Besides, no matter what the ISPs and the mobile data providers claim, speed can be really lousy in many areas and with tens of images loading on each web page, it can really be a pain in the neck even when you are just looking out for a small bit of information quickly. Loading the webpages without images makes the pages load faster and can save you a ton of money if you have to surf the Internet as a regular activity.

Google Chrome’s Data Saver initially blocks the images on the webpages being loaded but it doesn’t actually block the images. It’s just like how you see embedded images in Gmail – for every message you are asked whether you would like to load images. The mobile Google Chrome browser goes beyond that – it allows you to load individual images. You can manually select which all images you would like to see and which images you would like to block, according to this Google Chrome blog post. The feature that blocks images on your Google Grow mobile browser isn’t switched on by default. You will have to switch on the Data Saver mode on your mobile device.

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