BlackBerry will not be making smartphones any more


BlackBerry, it seems, has had it with making smartphones, and the company will no longer be making them. There was a time when BlackBerries were ubiquitous and being seen with one of the BlackBerry phones was as cool as anything. If you were a professional, a career-minded individual, a very busy person or a business person, it would seem odd if you didn’t use of BlackBerry. Some people would flaunt a BlackBerry just to show that they did something important. It was the ultimate mobile device for go-getters. Then came smartphones. Everything changed. My goodness, there is a lot of smartphones out there. Thankfully, sites like YotYiam offer comprehensive reviews on them for us!

The company couldn’t keep up with the rapid advances being made in the way smartphones were being designed, developed and manufactured and the way people were using these smartphones not only for managing their businesses but for all sorts of things, especially social networking and instant messaging. As more and more people started using iPhones and Android smartphones, the market for BlackBerry mobile phones kept dwindling with great speed. Its strong point was the way people could check emails and messages on their BlackBerries; when people were able to check their emails and messages on iPhones and Android smartphones, with full screens and better on-screen keyboards, it made no sense to stick to a BlackBerry mobile phone.

BlackBerry will not be making smartphones anymore and people are terming it as “end of an era”. In fact, not just the smartphones, many newspapers are reporting that BlackBerry will not be making any phones including its iconic handheld devices that were a rage in the mid-2000’s.

The company now will be primarily focusing on software development, including apps and security-related software applications. BlackBerry revealed in its second-quarter earnings report that it will not be making smartphones anymore. It will be outsourcing its hardware development to other business partners.

BlackBerry mobile phones belong to an era when people were fine with using the upper half of the mobile phone for the screen and the lower half for the keyboard. In fact, when it comes to mobile phones with solid keyboards, nobody can beat a BlackBerry. For years, BlackBerry mobile phones have been the first choice of businesses for giving official mobile phones to their employees. But lately, BlackBerry has ceased to be the first choice of corporate honchos and politicians. Even the U.S. Senate and President Obama stopped using BlackBerry mobile phones.

Why will BlackBerry not be making smartphones anymore?

So far, all the attempts by BlackBerry to make smartphones have been half-hearted. There have also been security issues. Occasionally it has been launching smartphones, for example the all-touch DTEK50 smartphone BlackBerry launched a few months ago. It even came up with its own mobile operating system called BlackBerry 10. But the market of smartphones has been completely swept by established as well as new entrants. It seems nobody wants to be seen using a BlackBerry smartphone, whatever is the reason. Maybe the snob value didn’t percolate into the mass market.

The BlackBerry CEO John Chen had given its company a deadline of September 2016 to make a profit and after that, it wouldn’t be feasible for BlackBerry to make smartphones anymore. Since the company couldn’t turn up a profit, BlackBerry has decided to wrap up its smartphone business and completely focus on software development.


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