Big tech companies are supporting the Democrats in the US

Big technology companies are supporting the Democrats in this year's elections
Big technology companies are supporting the Democrats in this year's elections

Irrespective of the dismal performance by the Obama administration, some of the biggest Tech companies in the US are supporting the Democrats in the US rather than giving the Republicans a chance.

It might be happening because these tech companies don’t see the Republicans as the real torchbearers of some great economic and social change.

I have some political opinion regarding why these tech companies are supporting Democrats in the US rather than the Republicans, but on this blog I would like to stick to just technology and refrain from expressing my political views – I express my political views on my Medium blog posts.

This TechCrunch post reports that Tesla’s Elon Musk donated to Hillary Clinton and even Mark Zuckerberg donated handsomely to a Democratic Party organization. Bill Gates seems to have donated to 3 Democratic congressmen.

So why are big tech companies supporting the Democrats in the US?

Fashion, seems to be one of the reasons. You are hip if you support one of the so-called democratic and liberal political parties and you seem orthodox if you veer towards the Right. Most of these tech companies cater to a younger audience and they don’t want to seem backward and narrow-minded in their political approach.

The Republicans, or the Right wing politicians, also have themselves to blame. In recent times they have been shooting from their hips rather than talking sanely. They have been issuing xenophobic statements and have been talking about closing the borders and making it difficult for people, especially Muslims, from other countries, to enter the US borders.

Most of the tech companies heavily depend on a culture of pluralism. People from different countries, cultures and ethnicity contribute towards the growth of these tech companies.

Democrats in that sense, are quite savvy. Despite having no clue about how they’re going to turn around the US economy, they always refrain from giving statements that might be interpreted as exclusivist or religiously bigoted.

Well, the problem is not with technology companies and people supporting Democrats or Republicans, the problem is with the propaganda machinery that goes overboard and creates bigger problems. In balance, everything works well.

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