The Avast antivirus company is buying the AVG antivirus company

Avast buys AVG
Avast buys AVG

When it came to choosing between Avast and AVG I was always confused and sometimes I even mixed up. I remember once I purchased an AVG antivirus license and then downloaded and installed the Avast antivirus application and then wondered why it was again asking for payment!

Well, those days of confusion are going to go, as the Avast antivirus company is buying the AVG antivirus company for $1.3 billion. The buyout will be carried out through cash on hand and debt financing, according to this CNET update.

Many have asked me in the past which is better, Avast or AVG, and my answer has always been, more or less, both are the same. I’m pretty sure that you have been using AVG primarily because you can use it for free for an unlimited time and it is always reassuring to see that AVG email signature under every outgoing message.

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