AT&T in the US is providing insurance cover for cracked phone screen, with lots of caveats


If you get your phone from AT&T in the US, for selected models, the carrier will provide insurance for cracked screens. It’s offering a new cracked screen replacement service for its insured phones.

Although getting your cracked phone screen replaced via a home visit can be a great thing to happen, there will be a $89 deductible – that is, you have to pay $89 in advance to avail this service, along with having other insurance packages such as Mobile Insurance, Mobile Production Pack, Mobile Protection Pack for Business and Multi-Device Protection Pack programs.

By the time you are through all these insurances, you may forget why you are getting the insurance in the first place. Once your cracked phone screen is replaced, the $89 will be added to your next AT&T bill. Some reports are saying that you will have to pay this amount in advance before the repair person comes a visiting.

But many people may find this insurance cover for cracked phone screens useful, especially when a home visit is involved and you have no time to get your cracked phone screen repaired at the repair center. Depending on availability, the insurance will ensure that your cracked phone screen is repaired on the same day but this is highly unlikely to happen.

Another caveat is that only few smartphones are eligible for the AT&T insurance cover for cracked phone screens. Some of these mobile phones are iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy S6. Although, expectantly, more phones will be included as more and more people opt for the insurance cover for cracked phone screens.


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