If you ask Google is Obama planning a coup, the answer might be yes


If you believe the results coming up on Google Home, Obama might be planning a coup against Donald Trump by getting help from the Chinese.

Mashable reports that after Donald Trump accusing Obama of wire tapping him during the election campaign, news started surfacing on Google that Obama might be planning a coup against Donald Trump, and may even impose communism on America. This is what Donald Trump tweeted about the tapping incident:

It’s coming out to be another instance of fake news spread by the right wing, although it is not very clear who is spreading such news. After all what Edward Snowden revealed, if he hadn’t revealed people may have termed it as “fake news” because hey, who would associate Obama with such a level of state-sponsored surveillance on the country’s own citizens? Or the weapons given to the ISIS, wouldn’t it seem fake news without solid evidence?

Although Google says the fake news has been removed, until recently, if you typed in the Google search bar, “is Obama planning coup” you would get this result at the top:

Here is another tweet that shows what reply the Google Home device gives if you ask it “is Obama planning a coup?”

According to the latest updates appearing on various tech websites both the Google homepage and Google Home  aren’t providing the same answer that has put everybody on the edge.

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