The Artemis wireless technology is 1000 times faster than 4G

pCell wireless technology
pCell wireless technology

So says this blog post. The video included below nicely explains what exactly is pCell (Personal Cell) technology that is going to deliver such a fast Internet connection. What normally happens is the cell towers, while emitting signals, don’t interfere with each other, sometimes thousands of devices sharing the same cell tower. This means its spectrum capacity is distributed among these thousands of devices, giving you a low performance. Since there can be multiple cell towers in an area and they are all avoiding with each other’s broadcasting, much of the radio signals are wasted.

pWave radios reverse this tendency to avoid signals from different towers. These signals deliberately interface with each other, creating multiple signals and enabling individual devices enjoy full spectrum capacity. Incidentally, pCell is not a physical device embedded onto your mobile phone or tablet. It’s a theoretical “bubble”, just 1 cm area, that receives the full focus of the spectrum capacity, giving you 100% signal all the time. This ReadWrite primer on the pCell technology beautifully explains using the analogy of multiple waves in the oceans crashing with each other (just as signals crash with each other from various towers) – definitely go to this link and read it if you really want to understand the concept.

The company developing this technology, Artemis, was founded by Steve Perlman, the inventor/entrepreneur behind OnLive, WebTV and the video encoding technology QuickTime used by Apple devices.

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