Apple’s new iPad Pro might after all be a computer

iPad Pro that you can also use as a PC
iPad Pro that you can also use as a PC

Smartphones and other mobile devices sell more than PCs and laptops for obvious reasons because not everybody needs a PC or laptop. Many think that this means decline of PCs and laptops which is certainly not the case because to carry out many day-to-day functions and even business-related functions, you do need a PC or a laptop. The increasing sales of iPads and Android-based tablets made people think that less and less people are using computers, but if the new iPad Pro from Apple is an indication, PCs and computers aren’t going anywhere. They are just changing the way they look. The new iPad Pro tries to be a computer while retaining its qualities as a tablet. Here is the video:

What’s the basic difference between a tablet like the iPad and a computer? A physical keyboard? More hard drive space? A bigger screen? Availability of conventional software applications? All these features are being provided in the new iPad Pro. You can use it as a tablet and you can also use it as a PC or a laptop.

iPads are mostly good for content consumption and basic touching-retouching. When it comes to serious commercial-level work, people still use computers and laptops. Although recently the sales of iPads have gone up, they have been declining. The initial charm has been replaced by familiarity. Besides, every electronics company has its own tablet these days and in many instances these tablets are much better and cheaper than iPads. So Apple would also like to attract consumers who want an iPad, and also a laptop, but they don’t want to carry around two devices. It should be just one device that can turn into a tablet and a computer as and when needed. This is what the new iPad Pro intends to achieve.

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