Apple won’t help the FBI catch a terrorist, but provides the same sort of help to takedown a torrent website

Apple helps the FBI arrest the owner of the kickass torrent website
Apple helps the FBI arrest the owner of the kickass torrent website

It seems “principles” can be quite flexible when it comes to protecting your interests. Recently there was a big controversy when Apple refused to help the FBI hack into the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorist. All hell had broken loose and people were even ready to resign in case they were arm twisted into creating a backdoor. It seemed it was a fight for principles.

Well, principles can be bent for monetary interests. It has come to light that Apple has helped the FBI takedown the kickass torrent website and has even helped the authorities arrest its founder Artem Vaulin. Guess what, the same sort of help that the FBI was seeking from Apple to arrest the San Bernardino terrorist has been provided to the FBI to hack into the phone of Vaulin so that he could be arrested.

It wasn’t exactly the same sort of help but Apple did provide the police with Vaulin’s personal details of his iTunes transactions. It will be good for Apple customers to know that their privacy is safe only till they don’t pose any threat to Apple’s interests.

Obviously there is a conflict of interest. Apple is aggressively getting into the business of selling music and lots of music is available on torrent websites. As long as Apple was not into the business of selling music and movies everything was fine, but now, these torrent websites will eat into its profits. Principles should be adhered to for the benefit, not for the loss, the Apple stand shows. Privacy of a terrorist should be protected because a terrorist does not directly, at least it is not apparent, affects Apple. But the privacy of a person who manages a torrent website doesn’t deserve to be protected because it has a negative effect on Apple.

Anyway, many information technology experts believe that these companies are fighting a losing battle against torrent websites. There is already an alternative to the kickass torrent website that was just taken down with the help of Apple.

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