Apple to release iPhone 6 on September 9


Launch of a new iPhone is always like a cult occasion. People wait for it with bated breath. Speculations are made. Predictions are flaunted around. Expectations are taken to the levels of crescendo and every new launch ceremony draws more attention than a space probe being launched from Earth to Mars, seriously.

The Who’s Who of Apple will vouchsafe iPhone 6 to the starry eyed denizens of the world on September 9, who will then stand in long serpentine lines as early as 2:30 AM to become the pioneers and early adopters. Such is the craze for every new iPhone. What wouldn’t a company give to enjoy such a fan following? Although the company hasn’t officially confirmed the date, according to this Forbes article, they normally release a new set around this time. According to various legends floating around on the Internet and according to an alleged leak by the employees of a German carrier the phone might be released on September 9 and then the phone will be available in the market from September 19 onwards (crap, people will have to wait all 10 days!).

So what can you expect from iPhone 6? According to the various rumors, the upcoming iPhone will be

  1. Bigger in size. Remember people used to laugh at bigger phones being released by Samsung? Well, guess what, everybody loves them. I have personally seen it. An average iPhone seems so tiny in your hand once you have gotten used to bigger, more spacious Android devices. Apple seems to be finally realising the mistake of sticking to a tiny phone and graduating to a bigger size. Tablets are awkward to use as phones, agreed, but a decent size always helps. iPhone may come with a 5.5 inch display this time.
  2. Carrying a better camera. Most of the phones these days are coming with 13 megapixel cameras so Apple is trying to catch up.
  3. Bringing you an improved battery life. iPhones are notorious for running out of power extremely fast. The new phone might charge faster and last longer.
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