Apple has reportedly started shipping the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar keyboard


Remember a few days ago you read here about a possible Apple laptop that may have an e-ink keyboard with a digital display? The keys of the keyboard would be generated dynamically according to the application you are currently using. Apparently, Apple has started shipping its MacBook Pro laptop with a Touch Bar keyboard, as reported in this 9to5Mac update. This might not be a full-fledged e-ink keyboard. As the name suggests, it may have a Touch Bar at the top so that you can launch your favourite apps by just tapping on your keyboard rather than having to launch them from the on-screen application bar.

According to the update above people have started receiving notifications regarding the shipment of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and the message in the notifications says that people should start getting their new MacBook Pro laptops by November 14, 2016. Currently only 15-inch MacBook Pro models are being shipped. The 13-inch laptops will be shipped after a few days. The pre-ordering had begun on October 27, 2016.

The Touch Bar will appear where normally we have the function keys. Since it will be a digital Touch Bar, the MacBook Pro laptop will be able to offer dynamic buttons, sliders and contextual widgets according to the app you are currently using. Third-party app developers have already started making changes in their apps to accommodate the new Apple Touch Bar. Currently, the list of apps compatible with the Touch Bar keyboard function include, Pages, Garageband, Photos, iMovie, Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop.

So where do the function keys appear? You can get the function keys back – at least the digital versions – by hitting the fn key.

Here is a video of a MacBook Pro laptop with Touch Bar:

Although Apple has used lots of new features in its latest line of MacBook Pro laptops, it is also doing away with traditional input output mechanisms such as the USB-A ports, SD card reader and the HDMI port. It just offers Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports.

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