Apple recently bought Workflow. It used to cost $2.99, now it’s free

workflow task automation app for iPhone
workflow task automation app for iPhone

Workflow is a productivity app, or some sources are calling it an automation app, and it used to cost $2.99 on Apple’s App Store. A few days ago Apple purchased the app and made it available free on the App Store. Nobody has a clear idea why Apple purchased the app and then why it made it freely available – maybe it’s a part of some bigger plan that will be revealed later on.

This TechCrunch link explains how Workflow works. It works like the IFTTT (if-this-then-that) service. You can link various functions of different apps so that a chain of events is triggered on your iPhone or iPad automatically. For example, if you click photographs in a succession, they are automatically converted into a video or a GIF, or something like that. Another example is, suppose you want to post a single message on different social networking platforms without using a tool like Hootsuite – posting a single picture on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, for example.

The Workflow app allows you to group together a bunch of actions that can perform complicated tasks with a single tap. Maybe it is like one of those batch files we used to have in the DOS days.

This CNBC update gives various screenshots of how you can use the Workflow app to automate particular tasks on your iPhone.

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