Apple has openly decided to oppose Donald Trump

Apple openly opposes Donald Trump
Apple openly opposes Donald Trump

Apple has decided to oppose Donald Trump openly now. Tech companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google have been equally supporting both Democrats and Republicans in various elections but this time, due to various controversial utterances from Donald Trump, Apple has decided to stay away from contributing to the Republican election campaign both in terms of financial help as well as technological help. Apple has made it known that its opposition to the Republicans is due to the controversial statements made by Donald Trump against women, immigrants and minorities, so it is directly opposing the Republican presidential candidate.

According to this link Donald Trump and Apple has been at loggerheads for some time now with Donald Trump calling to boycott Apple products and criticising the company for the recent stand it took against the FBI.

Apple privately communicated to the Republican Party that it will not be extending its support to the GOP (grand old party) event in Cleveland next month. Facebook, Google and Microsoft will be extending their support to the GOP convention.

Although the tech industry and Donald Trump don’t see eye to eye he has been especially antagonistic towards Apple.

Traditionally, big tech companies back both parties’ conventions. Companies like Google and Facebook have equally split their political contributions among both the parties. Recently when the controversy about Facebook suppressing the freedom of speech of Republican point of view, Mark Zuckerberg has meetings with the public and representatives to clear things out. There were even rumours that employees at Facebook were trying to devise ways to stop Donald Trump from becoming president.

HP Inc. is another major tech company that has decided to stay away from the GOP convention to show its opposition to Donald Trump’s views.

What happens if Donald Trump becomes the president? Will he create trouble for Apple? I think there must be many checks and balances in the US Constitution to make sure that people like Donald Trump cannot exploit the powers of their office, even if they want to.


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