Apple News will let advertisers and businesses publish paid news now

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Paid news and sponsored content will appear in Apple News

Apple News is like Instant Articles from Facebook and now it will be allowing advertisers and companies to publish paid news articles and items. If you like reading Swedish news articles on safes, you may find that here. As is claimed by Instant Articles, Apple News gives you an immersive experience. It’s a totally different format compared to your usual news website. You can add news sources according to your preference and the news content is presented to you in an Apple News format. Millions of people are using Apple News to access daily news and it can be a great exposure opportunity if advertisers and businesses can publish paid news or sponsored news using the platform. It will be like “native” adds that will look like the usual articles.

These paid or sponsored updates won’t necessarily appear like articles. They might be banners that will display correctly in the content feeds, in line with news articles. There might be a link to an article in the Apple News app and then this article will appear as sponsored piece of content like paid news. Different advertising formats are available both for iPhone and iPad versions of Apple News. These ads or paid news items will use exactly the same font used by the other articles in Apple News. It’s just that there will be a small “sponsored” tag accompanying every piece of paid news or sponsored content. Every piece of paid content is supposed to blend in with its surroundings.

Aren’t some publishers already using sponsored content in Apple News? There is always scope for using promotional or paid news content but right now in the metadata other publishers have to mark that content as native content. But according to the new paid content opportunities, people will be able to add links that may take users away from Apple News to the website of the publisher.

Another problem with the existing way of publishing paid news using the app is that since it appears as native content, it quickly scrolls down as new content appears. But with the new feature added to Apple News, the sponsored content will remain in front of the users for a longer time in the feed.

Whenever there is publishing, there is advertising. Whichever company, whether it is Apple or Google or Facebook, if they are providing apps for publishing content and news updates, sooner or later they have to come back to basing their revenue model on advertising and paid content.

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