Apple might soon be launching wireless headphones or earbuds called “AirPods”

wireless Apple headphones or earbuds
wireless Apple headphones or earbuds

The use of wireless technology doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Companies are using this to their advantages by creating some of the best products on the market, that caters to a wider audience. Like Apple who are set to launch these wireless earphones, a new venture is making its way into the industry, by providing potentially the best bluetooth beanies on the market, to suit the requirements of music lovers out there. With the rise of technology, there is no stopping the amount of innovative products that we are soon to witness. It’s been long speculated that Apple may do away with the usual 3.5 MM headphone jack and instead may force people to use its own lighting port as headphone jack. Most expected outcome of this will be that people will be forced to use earbuds or headphones specifically from Apple and they won’t be able to use third-party headphones or earbuds as right now they are able to do. There are already speculations that iPhone 7 that is due to be launched soon, next week maybe, will come without the 3.5 MM headphone jack and instead it will be introducing wireless headphones or earbuds that will work on a technology similar to Bluetooth.

According to this Apple Insider update, according to details released by a well-known analyst, the details about Apple’s wireless headphones or earbuds technology have already been revealed to some people. For this, Apple is working on developing its own Bluetooth-like communication chip.

As you can see in the image above, the wireless headphones or earbuds will be two pieces of small insertable earbuds without any wire. Don’t you think without wires it will be very easy to lose them? And if people lose them frequently, won’t this be another great business opportunity for Apple because only Apple will be selling the replacements?

Another point to be noted is that the new wireless headphones or earbuds will not be depending on the current Bluetooth technology, but instead, something new, that might only work on Apple devices.

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