Apple may bring the latest movie releases to your home very early


Just like you can watch movies on Netflix and other video streaming services, you will also be able to watch movies on Apple’s iTunes by renting them. Right now, a new Hollywood movie runs in theatres for two months before it becomes available on DVD’s, Blu-rays and even streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

According to this Bloomberg report, Apple seems to be putting pressure on various Hollywood movie production houses and studios to give earlier access to movies so that people can rent these movies through iTunes in just two weeks instead of two months. Even reputed Hollywood studios like 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros and Universal Pictures are looking for deals that would allow them to rent out their new movies shortly after their release. This may be a win-win situation because even if a movie doesn’t do well in theatres, it may do well on TVs, PCs, tablets and mobiles because the dynamics of the screen and viewing conditions totally change. It has also been observed that movies that don’t do well in theatres often do well when they are released on television networks, such as the Verizon Fios Double Play.

Here is the video from Bloomberg talking about Apple bringing the latest Hollywood movies to your home very early after the release through iTunes:

Some industry insiders say that the movies might be given on rental for $25 or $50 which, might seem very steep but considering that you end up spending more money when you visit the cinema hall with your family and you get to see the latest flick in the comfort of your home, people may not have a problem with paying so much for the rental.

Besides, many conventional TV shows and small-budget movies are already being released on Internet streaming services and cable TV networks straight away instead of first being released in theatres.

Maybe iTunes can charge a bit more for movies people would like to watch immediately after they are released.

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