Apple will probably be launching iPad Air 3 coming March

Apple to launch iPad Air 3 in March 2016
Apple to launch iPad Air 3 in March 2016

According to the various rumours doing the rounds on the Internet, Apple will most probably be launching a third version of iPad Air, aptly called iPad Air 3. This will be a 9.7-inch-screen tablet and this will be launched alongside a new 4-inch iPhone known as “iPhone 5se” according to 9To5Mac.

iPad Air 2 was released in October 2014 but the subsequent model was not released in 2015 although iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4 were launched.

Although many details are not yet available, there is a possibility that iPad Air 3 will have additional speakers and a flash for its rear camera. The new users might also have Apple Pencil working with the new iPad. This feature that allows you to use a stylus right now is available on iPad Pro.

At the same event Apple will be launching the new Apple Watch bands although I have no idea what’s the hoopla about launching new bands for a watch. New operating system versions for iPhones, iPads and iWatches will also be announced at the same event.

The sales of the iPads have been shrinking in the past years. This might be because the market is flooded with different types of tablets from other non-Apple companies that, if not better, can easily perform the functions that an iPad performs, with almost the same quality and experience. In the last holiday quarter Apple was able to sell 16.1 million iPads. In 2014 it sold 24.4 million. Despite the launch of iPad Pro there wasn’t much improvement.

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