Apple will be launching bigger iPhones in 2017

iPhone and iPad sales are dropping
Bigger iPhones in 2017

Apple might be launching bigger iPhones in 2017 as phone is no longer remain just the instruments for calling. From watching videos to browsing through photographs to working on documents to even doing graphic work, people these days do lots of things on their phones and for these tasks, they need devices that are bigger. So maybe, keeping this in mind, Apple might be launching bigger iPhones in 2017.

Recently Apple launched iPhone SE which is a smaller phone – 4-inch screen but with iPhone 6S capabilities. But the company also understands that the market is veering more and more towards bigger phones, if not necessarily phablet phones. This is why next year it will be launching a bigger, 5.8-inch iPhone model with a revamped screen.

Ultimately the larger iPhones may completely replace the existing 5.5-inch models.

This is a shift in Apple’s earlier stand. It was being said that Apple was aiming for an AMOLED iPhone by 2018 according to this 9to5Mac link. But it seems to have been preponed. Now Apple may launch a bigger iPhone with an AMOLED screen in 2017.

Apple will also be offering a 4.7-inch iPhone along with the bigger iPhone. Another “big change” will be the casing that Apple decides to use for its next generation of iPhones. The choice will be between glass, plastic and ceramic. In iPhone 4 the company used glass for its casing.

By the way some of the mobile phone companies like Samsung are already offering super AMOLED but Apple follows its own chronology when it comes to adopting cutting-edge technology. Its screens still shatter easily compared to other smartphones in the market.

2017 may also see Apple using the curved display with a curved glass body.

Why focus on bigger iPhones, especially when Apple has just launched the iPhone SE which is a 4-inch smartphone? Aside from the fact that people these days prefer bigger phones, Apple is also trying to target the Asian and Latin American markets and in these markets, people go for bigger phones especially when they are shelling out big money. In terms of branding although Apple has an advantage over other phones that is, people like to be seen with an iPhone, ultimately it’s the size that attracts people to a particular phone in the Asian market especially India and China.

The American and European markets for iPhones and iPads are already saturating. In the coming years Apple’s main revenue is going to come from countries like India, China and Brazil. This is also one of the reasons why next year you will be seeing a much bigger iPhone.

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