Apple is trying to make it easier to find your stolen iPhone


When your iPhone or for that matter any smartphone gets stolen, it can be devastating. It’s not just about financial loss, it’s the amount of data you lose. It’s also about the risk you face when all your private information falls in the wrong hands. This is the reason many smartphone companies allow you to remotely track your smartphone if it gets stolen or if you lose it and have lost any hope of finding it.

There are many tools already available to find your stolen iPhone. For example, “Find My iPhone” can help you find your iPhone if your device is still on. The problem with this is, most of the people know about this feature so whoever steals your iPhone, he or she is going to switch it off so that you cannot track it.

Apple wants to overcome this problem. The company is incorporating some features that will allow you to track your iPhone even when it is switched off, according to this update.

According to a reported patent a stolen iPhone will be able to switch itself on after being stolen so that it can be tracked, even if it has been switched off by the thief. After switching itself on, it will quietly connect to a wireless network and send out a message using a predetermined communication method like an SMS or an email.

By the signals being transmitted by the iPhone, the owner will be able to locate it on the map or at least find the last known location. After transmitting the data the iPhone will shut itself off again so that the thief doesn’t get suspicious. After a period of time, it will switch itself on again and repeat the process. This will be a feature in iOS itself to customize this improved “Find My iPhone” feature.

What if the iPhone has run out of battery? Normally when an iPhone is stolen, in order to be sold again its data is erased or it is reset. For that the iPhone needs to be recharged or hooked into a laptop or a computer. The iPhone will use this chance to send you its location.

How many people have been able to find their stolen iPhones using the “Find My iPhone” feature? The precise data is not available but it has certainly acted as a deterrent because thieves know that they can be found if they steal an iPhone.

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