Apple iOS 9.3.2 update may crash your iPad Pro with Error 56

Apple iOS 9.3.2 update is crashing iPad Pro with Error 56
Apple iOS 9.3.2 update is crashing iPad Pro with Error 56

A few months ago an Apple iOS update was bricking iPhones and the company even had to face a lawsuit. According to this Forbes update, now even iOS 9.3.2 may crash your iPad Pro. In gadget parlance, it may brick your iPad Pro. So if you are getting a notification that you should update your iPad to iOS 9.3.2, you may like to wait for a while until this confusion is sorted out.

Right now iOS 9.3.2 seems to be crashing iPad Pros.

What happens when your iPad or iPhone is bricked?

It simply refuses to turn on. When you are installing or updating an operating system like iOS, the device may boot multiple times. In between, somewhere, the iPad crashes and then you cannot turn it on. There is a blank, black screen that constantly stares at you. The iPhone or the iPad simply dies. Sometimes you can revive it on your own and sometimes you have to take it to the Apple store.

In the present case of iOS 9.3.2 you are not met with a blank screen as it normally happens. An “Error 56” code is displayed and your iPad Pro asks you to connect to iTunes. When you connect to iTunes, nothing happens and after a while you are forced to reboot. When you reboot, the same “Error 56” message is displayed and you are asked to connect to iTunes, and this goes on like a dystopian dream.

As of now no solution seems to be around. If you are reading this and if your iPad Pro is prompting you to update to iOS 9.3.2, you may hold for a while so that there is no chance of crashing your iPad Pro. With so many people crashing the iPad Pro is after upgrading to iOS 9.3.2, surely there will be a new update very soon.

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