Apple iOS 10.3 gives you Wi-Fi calling if you are a Verizon customer


The latest iOS 10.3 which is currently in developer beta  and is soon going to be available to you, will give you Wi-Fi calling facility, as a Verizon customer. Incidentally, Wi-Fi calling on iOS devices is already available to AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile customers.

What’s Wi-Fi calling in iOS?

As the name suggests, you can make calls to your other iOS devices using Wi-Fi instead of your carrier. Your devices need to be connected to iCloud. Wi-Fi calling is somewhat similar to VoIP but a big difference is that unlike VoIP, you don’t need to install a third-party app. You can straightaway make the call using Wi-Fi connection and your normal phone number.

As mentioned above, before you can make calls over Wi-Fi,  your carrier needs to support Wi-Fi calling. Once Wi-Fi calling has been enabled, you can make Wi-Fi calls using your iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, your Mac computer and of course, your iPhone. You have to make sure that all your devices on which you intend to use Wi-Fi calling are signed in to your iCloud account and your FaceTime account using the same Apple ID that you have on your iPhone (this also implies that in order to be able to use Wi-Fi calling in all your Apple devices, you need to have an iPhone with a carrier). You will need to dial the number through FaceTime.

This Apple support web page describes in detail how to activate Wi-Fi calling on your device.

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