Apple has shut down its wireless routers business


It is ironic that with every successive product Apple is removing different ports from its devices. For example, most of its computers and laptops don’t come with an Ethernet port. The company assumes that everybody these days uses wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi) – I don’t. Since I can, I still use an Ethernet connection with my desktop PC.

Anyway, the company was also in the business of developing wireless routers that people could use with its devices that anyway no longer had wired connection facilities. These wireless routers were called AirPorts and these are not as mainstream products as iPhones, iPads or even MacBooks.

Currently Apple offers the following routers: AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule. The last one, AirPort Time Capsule, also doubles as a backup storage drive for Apple’s Mac computers.

But according to this Bloomberg report, Apple is shutting down its wireless routers business. The report says that Apple has done so to channelize its energies into its main consumer products. The engineers and other staff that were employed in the wireless routers business division have been reassigned to other projects.

Even though very few people knew of Apple’s wireless routers, they have been manufacturing and selling these wireless routers for such a long time that the last updated router they offered was in 2013.

Just like most of the Apple products, the biggest benefit of getting an Apple wireless router was its ease of use. Usually it is difficult to set up a router before you can use it but the Apple wireless routers were very easy to set up. The only problem is that they are not as good and contemporary as routers from other companies like D-Link and Netgear.

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