Apple has finally come up with an official solution to the error 53 problem

Apple solution for the error 53 problem
Apple solution for the error 53 problem

Error 53 in Apple’s iPhones had been wreaking havoc all over the world. Up till now there has been no solution from Apple. Weather it is a bug or a security feature, if you get your Home button repaired from a 3rd-party repair shop and then you upgraded your iPhone 6 to iOS 9, it was as good as dead. The phone simply stops working and no amount of tinkering and attempts to reinstall can get your phone back. There has even been a class-action lawsuit against Apple due to error 53.

Whether it is a result of the class-action lawsuit or the company is trying to save face in the wake of the rising number of complaints, Apple has come out with a solution for its dreaded error 53 problem.

But first a small explanation of what exactly happens when error 53 triggers.

The mechanism that protects your iPhone 6 is embedded in your Touch ID fingerprint reader and the Secure Enclave within your phone. There is a connection between these two places and this connection is not to be severed. If the connection between these two places is severe, your phone is bricked and it is totally unrecoverable.

To solve this problem, Apple has released an iOS update. Although this update does not eliminate error 53, it can help you restore your iPhone if it has been bricked. The fingerprint reader function will not be restored because that connection is gone. If the fingerprint reader is also restored – since encryption is individually embedded in every device – not only the security of that individual iPhone will be compromised, Apple will also end up creating a backdoor entry into almost every iPhone. This is something Apple is already fighting with FBI about.

According to Apple’s solution of the error 53 problem

  • Quit iTunes on your Mac or PC if it is open
  • Unplug your iPhone if it is already plugged into your Mac or PC
  • Upgrade your iTunes to the latest version
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable
  • Open iTunes and select your device (it should show up in iTunes despite being bricked)
  • You will see the option in iTunes to Restore or Update; click Restore
    • If you recently backed up your device you can decide to restore from that backup
    • When you see the screen for Touch ID, click Setup Touch ID Later
  • After a while you will see the Hello screen on your iPhone – follow the steps appearing on your iPhone
  • Your iPhone will start working again. If your Touch ID wasn’t working, it won’t work, but you will be able to use your iPhone

This is the official solution from Apple if you have been hit by the error 53 problem.

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