Apple CEO Tim Cook has reached out to his employees after the presidential elections


The recent presidential elections in the US were the most bitterly fought elections in the US history. Before the elections Donald Trump supporters were angry and frustrated and after the elections, Hillary Clinton supporters are angry and frustrated. Recognizing the deep stress these elections have caused, the Apple CEO Tim Cook has written a letter to his employees. He has encouraged his employees to reach out to people who are worried after the election results.

He has reminded his employees that Apple is an inclusive company constantly striving to help people with its great products. He wrote, “We have a very diverse team of employees, including supporters of each of the candidates. Apple is open for everyone. We welcome everyone.”

He further wrote, “Our products connect people everywhere, and they provide the tools for our customers to do great things to improve their lives and the world at large.”

About the election results Cook wrote, “Regardless of which candidate each of us supported as individuals, the only way to move forward is to move forward together. I’ve always looked at Apple as one big family and I encourage you to reach out to your co-workers if they are feeling anxious.”

The entire letter is explained in this Fortune article.


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