Apparently, expensive smartphones make people happier


Materialism isn’t always bad it seems. A consumer satisfaction research in the US has found that expensive smartphones from major carriers make people happier compared to cheaper smartphones. The research was carried out by J. D. Power, a global market research company.

Data was obtained about various people using expensive smartphones from different areas like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Expensive Samsung smartphones make customers of AT&T and Sprint happier whereas iPhones make customers of T-Mobile and Verizon happier.

You will find more details about the study on this link.

The term “make people happier” depends on what parameters they were working on. Are people owning expensive smartphones generally happier compared to those owning cheaper smartphones? It may have something to do with your financial condition. Normally people, theoretically and logically, who can afford expensive smartphones, are financially comfortable, assuming they’re not burying themselves in mounting debt to own expensive smartphones and other gadgets. But this is a reasoning replete with contradictions.

Another reason why people owning expensive smartphones might be happier could be because everything said and done, expensive smartphones do perform better than cheaper smartphones. They are faster. They have more services and goodies attached to them. The overall feel is good. Normally the after sales service is good. Normally people don’t have to spend time getting their phones repaired (except for cases like the ever-exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7) repeatedly. So, the reasons might be practical rather than emotional and financial.

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