App for talking to your loved ones even after you’re dead

Sending messages after you're dead

It may seem like haunting your loved ones but there is actually a smartphone app that will let you send messages to your loved ones after you’re dead. And the best part is, you can even make your messages location-based by geo-tagging. For example, the message can be beamed when someone is visiting your grave or your memorial or one of your old houses or one of your favourite locations.

The smartphone app from SafeBeyond allows you to create text messages, image messages and even video messages if you want to make them extra creepy.

But anyway, the idea behind the app is quite noble and even the beginning is quite touching. Moran Zur lost his father to cancer and his wife too was about to meet the same fate. He worried that his son – at the time he was three – would never be able to know how marvellous his mother was. He quit his job and founded SafeBeyond.

Once you have created an account you will need to appoint trustees and heirs. The trustees will be controlling and monitoring the broadcasting of your messages and the heirs will be the recipients of your messages. But why do you need trustees?

It isn’t just one message that you would like to create for your heirs; you can create a series of messages for occasions like birthdays, marriage anniversaries, marriages, breakups, childbirths and graduations. But the problem is, when it comes to these occasions, you can never know the dates. This is where your trustees will help you.

This can be a great service, but as the post on Fast Company rightly points out, you can never be sure if such a service would outlast you, the way companies and services close shops with great frequency these days.

Right now the service is available on Android devices and PC browsers.

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