Android app to delete duplicate photos from your mobile phone in bulk

app to delete duplicate photos from your phone
app to delete duplicate photos from your phone

There might be hundreds of duplicate photos on your mobile phone occupying precious space. You can either go through your photo gallery manually, find duplicate photos and then delete them from your mobile phone, or, you can use an app like Duplicate Photos Fixer to delete them from your phone in bulk. It is an Android app and it is available to download from the Google Play Store. It’s also available for iOS.

Whether you have a few duplicate photos on your mobile phone or hundreds of them, Duplicate Photos Fixer can help you find duplicate photos in a jiffy. It’s up to you whether you want to delete the photos or keep them as they are.

These are the salient features of the Duplicate Photos Fixer Android app:

  • It can find duplicate as well as similar-looking photos
  • You can decide which section of the phone to scan in order to find duplicate photos
  • You can completely scan your phone for duplicate photos with a single tap
  • You can set the matching level for scanning duplicate photos manually – the broader is the matching level the greater number of duplicate and similar photos the app finds
  • The found images are automatically marked for deletion – no need to go through hundreds of images and tap on them individually in order to delete them; just tap on the images you don’t want to delete
  • The cache is automatically cleared to free up more memory
  • Immediately recover big chunks of space on your mobile phone
  • You can also manage your photo gallery with the same app
  • The app is available in 17 different languages

Duplicate Photos Fixer has been developed by Systweak Software. The company mostly develops system-level apps for Android, Windows, Mac and iOS environments.

Why you need to use an app like Duplicate Photos Fixer?

There are two reasons why you would use an app like Duplicate Photos Fixer in order to find and delete duplicate photos on your mobile phone. One, there might be many similar photos on your mobile phone and it doesn’t make sense to save all of them. Suppose there is a birthday party and you are clicking photos of someone cutting the cake. In a fit of excitement, you keep on pressing the camera button on your mobile phone and you end up clicking scores of photographs of the same event. Although these photos may not be duplicate, they are quite similar. You may just want to save a couple of photographs, not 43 photographs. This is where Duplicate Photos Fixer can help you.

Many contemporary mobile phone camera apps allow you to click multiple photos with a single tap, what many also call “burst shooting”. This is so that you can save the best shot and get rid of the remaining. There are many apps that save your favourite photo but don’t delete the duplicates that were generated. You can delete these duplicate photos using this app.

Here’s a nice video explaining how you can use Duplicate Photos Fixer to find and then delete hundreds of duplicate photos on your mobile phone:

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  1. Thank you Amrit Hallan,
    well , I did another trick, the trick worked well that time, I install DuplicateFilesDeleter on my pc, connect my android phone to the computer as mass storage device and manage my all files (not only the photo rather all my files). I am pretty sure you have a huge number of duplicate files on your android phone. Please try DuplicateFilesDeleter to fix this.
    Thanks everyone for the times.

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